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By Mary S.


Before coming a SPED teacher in 1997, I was previously a nurse for ten years, who worked in pediatrics, orthopedics, and med/surgical. I have been highly impressed with the profession protocol of Whitley Family Dental and their constant effort to provide an enhanced safety environment. I have had my share of visiting different dentists, due to the school district’s various health plans over 23 years of teaching. There were some offices that I left before even seeing the dentist, just by observing how the office staff handles patients and how knowledgeably they answered my questions. I have referred several other individuals who were very pleased with the office staff and Dr. Whitley, especially with their COVID safety measures for their patients and their staff. When other medical/health offices were closing their doors and/or not able to sustain their staff’s payroll status, Whitley Dental made extreme measures to continue to meet the needs of their office staff. This was the most impressive action that showed me that Whitley Dental was the right place for me. Their level of concern and commitment for the welfare of others and how much interest they have showed for my health and safety.

By Cherie B.


Dr. Bill and Office Team: Thanks for the detailed COVID email. I had a filling done this morning and couldn’t have felt more safe. Thank you for making sure dental offices staff open. I am thankful to have found a wonderful dentist office. With Heart, Cherie

By Frank & Kay A.


You guys ROCK!!!! Thank you so much for all your precautions! We have friends who will not go to the dentist because they are afraid of contamination. We tell them about Y-O-U G-U-Y-S! KUDOS, KUDOS, KUDOS! A world of thanks for being a safe haven. Love Frank and Kay

By Susan M.


Having had a fear of dental procedures my entire life, Dr. Whitley and his staff quickly earned my trust. From the first moment I walked into their office, I was blessed with a sense of security and confidence that I would be well taken care of. Instead of my usual dread of dental appointments (even cleanings), I now schedule them six months in advance!

By Craig P.


Having had my semi-annual exam a few weeks ago, I can attest that you are all doing a GREAT job of ensuring the safety of your patients and staff. Bravo! Y’all rock! Stay safe and well!

By Rick & Kelli L.


Dr. Bill is the best dentist for many reasons. He has always been honest, friendly, and compassionate about what he does! He has on more than one occasion stayed after hours to help one of my family members out. After our daughter had an accident and needed some dental work done, he called the following day to check up on her. How awesome! It just doesn’t get any better! He truly cares! My family adores Dr. Bill and his staff and I love that my children love to go to the dentist! He is simply the best!

By Luci L.


I just got my teeth cleaned by the most wonderful dentist ever! If you are looking for a new dentist, try his office. All the staff is super courteous and genuine.

By The Cullen Family


We feel like the team at the Whitley Family Dental is our family! LaJoyce is a precious friend, and is so faithful to remind us of our appointments and so gracious to us when we come in for our appointments. She schedules our appointments so our whole family is taken care of in one day!! As odd as it sounds, we look forward to our time with our dental hygienist. It is nice to have the same person take care of you each time, eliminating anxiety when we go in for appointments. My wife and I have never liked to go to the dentist. In fact, it has been a number of years since our last checkup. Now we look forward to our biannual dentist visits!